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“This is one of those tricks that would look great live but also ideal for any type of on-line performance, or social media type performance. All the work is done for you and the gimmick is very well made. The fact you can use your own credit card for the final change makes this something you will want to carry with you on an everyday basis. ” -Paul Romhany, *Reviews Vanish MagazineFrom the minds of Louis Frenchy and George Iglesias comes a diabolical effect that will make your spectators hallucinate!

Based on the effect dollar to credit card created by George Iglesias in 1995 and popularized in the magic world during the past 10 years, Louis Frenchy now comes with this new version named Get Money where you will show 3 amazing transformations in just seconds.

Extremely visual, fast, very commercial, easy to do, portable and customizable.


Show a $1 dollar bill and transform it into a $100 dollar bill, now give a magic pass and transform the $100 bill into a blue VISA credit card, now show it from both sides and when giving another magic pass transform it into a gold AMEX credit card that you can also display on both sides.

The magician can place his own credit card (real or expired one) and make a payment with the gimmick or switch the gimmick for another one. Everything is fully explained in the instructional video.

Available in three versions: Dollars, Euros and Pounds.

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