Shared Dreams DVD and gimmick (V0009)


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“What sets Insúa’s impressive version apart from others is that the prediction is produced from a sealed envelope that has been sitting in plain view during the entire performance. Indeed, the routine has the potential to play very strong.”Wayne Kawamoto,

Full Review Marcelo Insúa and Tango Magic present his first mentalism routine.

Can two people have the same dream?

Is it possible to have a prediction in a sealed envelope with the exactly dates and locations or is it just a shared dream?

  • No wallets
  • No electronics devices
  • No pre show work
  • Nothing in your pockets
  • Everything happens in front of people in complete fairness
  • No exotic gimmicks or strange magic props… just paper and envelopes

This is not a dream… this is Tango Magic’s Shared Dream.

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