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Mr. Tango has done it once again! The Triple TUC is an innovation of the famous TUC, the coin considered to be the best gaffed coin ever, which won the Invention Award in the FISM 2012.

Now the Triple TUC offers you the same skills of TUC with many more options.

Includes a link with 25 TUC routines and new Triple TUC professional routines. Just start the Triple TUC and you will only be limited by your imagination.

Here are some effects that you can learn and perform watching TUC and Triple TUC instructional videos:

– Coin Across

– 3 Fly Coin

– Coins Thru Table

– Coin Thru Bill

– Matrix

– Coin Vanishes

– Productions

– Chink a Chink

– Okito Box Routine

– Coin Thru Hand

Available in one Dollar, Half Dollar and Quarter Dollar. Of course, this is a Tango Magic quality product.

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